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  1.   benboy Says:

    Testing. Benson Long

  2.   anystar12 Says:

    Daniel Choi

  3.   jianyao Says:

    The main idea of the film is to demonstrate one’s belief and persistence to pursuit success. The two main characters in the movie both try to strive to win running races through their own belief. The first character, Eric, who is a fast runner and always wins races. One of the most important reason that he often gets championship is his faith of God. He believes God creates him for purpose and he wins in contest to honor the God. When he runs swiftly, he feels God is happy for him. This helped him to overcame the contest which he was left behind at the middle of the contest when he was accidentally pushed by a runner, but at the end he won the four hundred meter running contest.
    The second character, Abraham, who is a Jewish student of Cambridge University. He is an amateur runner in the school, but he wants to prove the dignity of Jewish, he began to practice his running and wins many contests. Although at the middle of the film, he was defeated by Eric, after the encouragement of his girlfriend and his trainer, he beat the fear of losing and won the one hundred meter running.
    Both of the characters have similar characteristic. They all have their own believe and always try their best to achieve their goals. That is a very important trait that these two successful runners have and all other successful people have.

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