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  1.   anystar12 Says:

    Daniel Choi

    Focusing on the short film, Cindy Goes to a Party, the purpose was to exemplify the etiquettes of going to a party as a guest. It talks about appearances of oneself and the respect needed to be given to the host of the party. In this particular film, it does not just show how the guests should be, through the acting, but it also boldly states in words of how they should be and act. Some things mentioned in this film are “Be Clean And Neat,” “Be On Time,” “Don’t Break Things,” “Don’t tease or make fun of others,” and “Remember Your Table Manners.” The overall message, the mental hygiene aspect, of the film is one, to show oneself to others that you are a clean (metaphorically speaking, a pure, kind person), well-mannered person, and to show respect to others.
    Comparing this to the short film, You and Your Family¸ both films serve the same purpose of being an image of a well-rounded person, who respects others, but You and Your Family does not really state the “best way” to act. This film gives several situations, and each having four ideal answers, three of them being the opposite of the “best way” and one being the “best way.” This film tells the viewers to decide for themselves, by asking after each situation “Was it the best way?” “In your opinion, did Mary do right in…?” and “Which type of answer do you think is best?” If viewers knew what the “best way” was, then they would not have to watch these films.

  2.   mkhan935 Says:

    Mohammed Khan
    I focused on the film “Shy Guy” and the whole idea of being shy is unhealthy just seems wrong. The film portrays a young guy trying to fit in to a new school and dealing with his shy problem. In the film the father of the shy guy tells him to copy the popular kids, learn from them as he puts it. I guess at the time this film was made and even now shyness is seen as a problem. The film continues with the shy guy learning about how guys in his class act. He learns that helping people is a way to make friends. He also changes the way he dresses so he can blend in. Also throughout the movie its seems health is seen as a problem and parental advice is the cure. This shy guy tells his dad everything. Then Phil goes to the school mixer and helps someone with a problem that has to do with a radio. He becomes “part of the group” because he helped someone.
    Its noted that being a loner or being shy is a bad thing. The film gives me an idea that health is how we feel about ourselves. Phil thought the kids didn’t like him because he dressed differently and was new. He makes up judgement of what people think of him before he talks to them which in turn brings down his self confidence. Shyness is looked at as a disease because it makes us feel bad about ourselves. I enjoyed the film because it was amusing to see how they pot rayed the shy guy.

  3.   Michelle Jagnanan Says:

    Michelle Jagnanan

    To me, these hygiene films bluntly states the purpose of why they created it. For example, in the Shy Guy film, it was a problem to be shy. The creators made it seem like it was a big controversy for you to be by yourself and lonely. The way the creator makes these films is to show examples of problems teenagers face and how they should react to it. However, I think they go about it the wrong way. In today’s society, people do not make films like that and that’s why I think viewers today look at it in a different light. They take different approaches as they see fit.
    A problem that struck out to me as I was watching this is the advice the main protagonist’s dad was giving the “shy guy.” He basically said why don’t you wear what the other kids are wearing and do what the other kids are doing. Nowadays, people teach kids to be themselves and do what you want to do and to not follow the crowd that everyone else is following. The way this is discussed basically tells the viewers that everyone is the same and you have to follow everyone and their actions. By the end of the film the “shy guy” becomes popular because he took the advice of his father. He changed the way he was dressed and began speaking more which means he wasn’t being himself and hence, he was no longer a “shy guy.” Becoming a different person worked out and this is what is being taught. This is how the film depicts a sense of health. It is unhealthy to be shy and to overcome it is to be like everyone else.

  4.   benboy Says:

    Benson Long

    In the educational mental hygiene film titled You and Your Family, we are introduced to a nuclear family that was typical of American households in 20th and 21st centuries. The director of the film was aware of the prevalence of small families in American households and knowledgeably starred a small family as the focus of the film so the viewers of his film, the majority of them being students, could relate to. You and Your Family begins with a situation that was thought to be common in American households where the daughter, Mary, is invited to a dance and has to discuss with her parents whether or not she could go. The audience is then encouraged by the narrator who poses questions for the audience to reflect on and hopefully create a reasonable answer that is aligned with the purpose of the film. The thoughts of students who view these films are also molded by teachers who assist in the effort of bestowing morals upon students in the classroom.
    You and Your Family continues to present different scenarios of a teen-ager’s “standard” lifestyle from the perspective of the boys so male students could connect to the film as well. I found the film to be fascinating in how it can be ridiculed for its simplicity and get praised at the same time for its effective approach by first manipulating the minds of the individuals of a family to create a harmonious and more ideal and “healthy” family. What made this film more popular than other mental hygiene films was probably because the scenarios depicted were realistic and applicable whereas other films did not have that aspect which I believe is something that should be strived for when creating educational films.

  5.   jianyao Says:

    Jian Yao Zhao

    I feel the film, “Shy Guy” is interesting. In the film, the protagnist, Phil is considered to to shy. He did not go along with his classmates very well in his new school and he was always lonely. Being a loner is to be considered unhealthy. Although his father gave him some advices of that, he still did not going well until one of the popular boy introduced him to his table and asked him to attend the class party. At the end, he overcame shyness and hesitation, he gained friendship through telling knowledge on radio fixing.

    The main idea of the film is to teach students how to fit in and develope good friendship with their peers. In my opinion, shyness can not be solved simply just by following and talking to peers. Some shy people refuse to talk to others, especially to strangers. They do not want to get hurt from verbal violence. Others just like to be quiet. The film gives the basic ideas of how to getting along with peers. It is important for us to fugure out different of right ways to fit in the environment.

  6.   hkomal100 Says:

    Hope Komal

    In the mental hygiene film created in 1955 known as “Cindy Goes to a Party,” Cindy and her friend Dennis are basically given proper etiquette rules from a fairy godmother. When one refers to mental hygiene in the current time of 2011, they think of a physical way to pursue a healthy mental state. A healthy mental state by being happy, relaxed and feeling satisfied overall. According to the depictions from the films presented on mental hygiene and specifically referring to “Cindy Goes to a Party,” in the year of 1955 mental hygiene was basically about having good morals and fitting in with everyone. The fairy godmother in “Cindy Goes to a Party” was basically giving Cindy and Dennis tips/rules on how to conduct themselves at a party in order to have fun in a safe and productive way. Basically the purpose of mental hygiene films was to give viewers a sense from right and wrong to better the society that they lived in. As a student in the year of 2011, watching “Cindy Goes to a Party” seems like a redundant life lesson because while growing up, almost everyone is taught right from wrong; however, it is up to one whether or not they would follow proper moral. Ultimately, mental hygiene films basically seem like they serve the purpose of enforcing and reminding a person of what they should do.

  7.   hjyang Says:

    hyeji jenny yang
    The hygiene film, “You and Your Family”, shows typical problems in a family household. This film presents three different problems that happen in most families which are; permission to go out, curfew, and cleaning up. Everyone has different ways of handling their duties and situations, but depending on how you handle them makes a big difference on the relationships with your family. Among the three situations, one of the choices was to disobey their parents and to be disrespectful; this shows a sign of unhealthiness in the family. This drifts away the relationships between the family and this will eventually lead to silent dinners and awkward looks.
    The healthy way of deciding what do in certain situations like these, is to be open and expressive with the family. It helps for the family to get to know each other better and to communicate which gives bonding time for the family. Even though, we may not always hear the answer we want to or want to do the things we want to, it will be a strong way of keeping the family together. There will be time where we think their decision is unfair like the case of the first situation, when Mary wasn’t allowed to go to the dance with Frank out at the lake, but there are going to be times where negotiations are able to made and under some kind of circumstance she would be able to attend. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with our family, our main priority is to be able to be there for each other and help each other out. “Frank and friendly discussion will the family will lead to a happy life”
    There are always going to be problems and fights between the sons/daughters and their parents because we have a lot yet to learn no matter how old we are. The main lesson they are teaching us is that the best way to handle situations in the household is have an honest and good relationship with your family. There are going to be rules to follow and chores to do but those are the responsibilities and by following the house rules and being consistent with our duties will help to maintain a healthy family.

  8.   bwong105 Says:

    One of the hygiene films detailed by Ken Smith was Keep Off The Grass(1969). This specific film stood out because it brought out all the possible consequences from smoking marijuana. Some people think that smoking marijuana can only get you high but they don’t know that getting high can result into many other terrible situations. In the film, it creates an idea of what marijuana can do to your body and health. The film shows every situation of every possible consequence of smoking marijuana. There is one situation where this person is high from marijuana and he is driving a car. He almost gets into a car accident because he is speeding. There is another situation where these people are randomly laughing for no reason. These two situations present an idea of how smoking marijuana can make you not realize what is happening in real life.
    There is also another situation where a person is selling marijuana to a young kid and he also says that it’s a way to earn little money. This situation shows us that marijuana can also destroy one’s health mentally. Because of how much marijuana has affected this person mentally and financially, he has forgotten his morals and his way of thinking. To sell marijuana or any other drugs to young kids really goes against everyone’s morals. So in a way, marijuana can affect one’s mind psychologically. Also, smoking marijuana can really take over your mindset and you might or might not realize the actions you do while you are in the stage of being high.
    I really liked how Ken Smith showed the potential dangers of smoking marijuana in the film. The different situations that he presented for each possible consequence truly depicted the idea of how marijuana can affect your health. It really stunned me when the film showed that young kids nowadays can get involved in drugs because of people who are already involved in drugs. Thus, if the number of people who are already involved in drugs increases, then the number of people who will get involved in drugs will increase.

  9.   shushili Says:

    After appreciating several mental hygiene films, “Shy Guy” is quite an impressive film for me. Its subject is about teenagers’ mental and physical health and can be closely related to teenagers’ real situations or lives at that time. These plots revolve around the short story of a young teenager called Phil. He is a shy guy who is a new transfer, but he always dares not to speak with others. He also struggles a lot about making himself popular among his classmates, but finally he always surrenders to his character. After father’s inspiring and edificatory dialogue, he begins to change himself little by little, like wearing a sweater instead of formal suit or trying to help others solve problems and so on. After challenging to his shy character, he finally defeats his deficiency and gains friends’ warm welcome. This film is short and actually it can’t completely alter teenagers’ characters in such a little time at that time. However, during that period, this film is relative concise and comprehensive for teenagers to understand. Through this vivid film, teenagers can realize some real situations of theirs and learn different ways to solve them. To a certain degree, it can cultivate or develop teenagers’ sound personality and improve their abilities of accommodating environments at that time in such a limited condition.
    This film is about mental hygiene. In my mind, the director also hopes that teenagers at that time can pay more attention to the significance of mental hygiene. The ultimate purpose of mental hygiene films is contributing to the complete development of every individual. As we can see, the significance of mental hygiene for teenagers is not just confined to the performance of mental hygiene, but also based on the whole hygiene which we need the perfect body and mind. At this point about mental hygiene which needs to be closely related to cooperation and coordination with each other, this film has already described fully for teenagers. Teenagers are the future of our society, the hope of our nation. In other words, their thoughts and behaviors can indicate the future of the country. The main idea of mental hygiene is to facilitate or harmonize the relationships between teenagers and society. Therefore, our society, our country needs mental hygiene to play a role in them. Although the influence of mental hygiene films has become fewer nowadays, everyone should attach importance to its significance.

  10.   seany3tears Says:

    Sean Ryan
    I chose to respond to the film “Keep Off The Grass” (1969). In my opinion, this particular piece of anti-marijuana propaganda is one of the worst of its kind. It is very poorly made. For example, the narrator tries too hard to speak to that generation. His vocabulary is almost too “hip” to be taken seriously. He says things like “blow pot”, “get baked”, and in one scene he even refers to the police as “The Man”. The video was also heavily one-sided. It says at the end that the Santa Monica Police department helped produce it. Even during the arrest scene, the narrator describes how the cop (the Santa Monica Cop) “keeps his cool” during the arrest. If you ask me, part of the reason this film was made was to hype up the Santa Monica police, and give them the spotlight. Another major issue with this film is that it spends a lot of time talking about what makes marijuana so appealing. The show makes a lot of arguments towards the legalization of the green stuff. In one scene, Tom and his friend go to visit an artist in his head shop. He states that he gets most of the inspiration from marijuana. Think about it: what artist doesn’t want inspiration? Shouldn’t they just smoke weed? Scenes like this, short as they may be, could be sending people the wrong message. This film, as a whole, was intended to educate people about the dangers of smoking marijuana. Instead, it laughably mocks that generation by trying too hard (or not hard enough) to prove a point.

  11.   cobidienzo Says:

    Catherine Obidienzo

    I personally found the film “Shy Guy” to be extremely interesting. I found it to be quite amusing how the writers of this short film must have thought themselves to be clever in their approach, for this was a very common conflict in the teenage society of their day. And it happens to be still a large issue in our modern society existing today. The short films approach was very direct and to the point. But they threw in a curveball when they had the young teenage boy seeking refuge in his father’s knowledge. The boy’s father gives him the advice to watch the popular kids in the school. He tells his son to act and dress like them so he can be accepted and fit in. once accepted through appearance he can find common interests with the other teens, then conversation will come naturally explains the father. The boy does just as his father says and starts looking and acting just like all the other kids in the school. He soon gets himself invited to mixers and eventually is comfortable enough to invite his new peers over his house.
    In the modern age, we do things a little differently. Usually, modern teenage boys don’t look to their fathers for guidance with their peers. This is probably because our parents were the children that grew up watching these creepy brainwashing shorts; also because in the modern age we have extremely different views of than the generations prior to us. The suggestions the father makes to his son in the short film can be seen as stalker-like to those of us in the new millennium. Of course we observe each other, but it is done much more discreetly. Facebook and other social networking sites aid us in our personal hunts to dig up some of the dirt on each other, so we don’t need to creepily watch each other in class. The media and our generation’s obsession with celebrities tells us what to wear, how to act, and what the new fads are. Lastly, our generation admires individualism. The need to fit in and be “popular” isn’t nearly as intense as it used to be. Today people are finding how beautifully interesting others can be, and we’re learning to respect that too. I found the short film “Shy Guy” to be so remarkably forceful because of its blunt disrespect for the individual. It was obviously aimed at destroying the creative mind in an attempt to brainwash the young public. Personally, I find this to be quite insulting.

  12.   srajvir73 Says:

    Rajvir Singh

    After watching all the mental hygiene films, “You and Your Family” sparks my interest. It addressed the most common problems in the family. The film opens up with a scene when Mary tells her parents about the dance invitation she received over the phone. Then the parents refused to approve and said, “She is still a little young to go out in the evening.” After that the film raised some possible ways to handle the situation and ask the audience to decide it on their own. In a way it tried to show us what is right or wrong? In the next scene, everyone made an excuse for not helping the mother in doing the dishes, and George stands out to show that we need to help our family members in doing the house work. And finally in the last scene, when Bill comes late to home after hanging out with his friends, the film showed the best way to handle the situation, which is through negotiation and accepting your mistakes.

    This mental hygiene film was made to adjust the social behavior of the viewers and help them distinguish between right and wrong and guide us toward behavior which was considered proper. It tells us that most family problems can be solved through frank and friendly discussions, which leads to a happy family life. Even in today’s world we can relate to this film and learn a lesson about family life.

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